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Anti-Bird Strike Film

Anti-Bird Strike Film

DSG has developed two products that are unique to the window film industry.  We have worked with one of our customers and one of our supplies to create and anti-bird strike film.  This film is designed to deter migrating birds away from reflective glass.  Birds will fly into glass at full speed not knowing that glass is ahead.  This specially designed UV film is virtually clear to the human eye, but birds who use a different spectrum of the UV ban of light for vision, sees the glass as a barrier instead of a passageway.  This product is early in its testing but seems to have some favorable results.

freezerfilm1-300x225Our other product we are proud to offer is our anti-fog freezer film.  Much the same way the bird strike film was developed, so was the anti-fog film.  This film is designed to eliminate fogging on glass in your local supermarket.  With hundreds of stores already installed, this film has been proven to keep all fog off the glass at all times.

antifog_sample-224x300Improved vision into the frozen food case means additional sales while saving energy by shopping with the doors shut instead of open to avoid the foggy door.

Some data has been found that shopping with a freezer door open will cost about $.52 per minute.  This adds up to a lot of energy loss and potential savings as well.