Solar Control


Yes, window tinting does save energy and money for all types of buildings.  DSG specializes in large commercial projects as well as national chain store services.

Retail Store Window Film

Storefront Glare Control

Installing window film on storefront or office windows allows for reduced energy bills by addressing hot spots in a building.  The unique opportunity window film provides is the ability to fine tune a building by applying various shades to certain areas of a building.  For example, a hospital may have a substantial amount of glass facing South, while the mirror image of that building also faces North.  The North side of many buildings will need a reduced performance level of window film because of the lack of direct heat and sunlight.  By applying a better performing product on the South side of a building will keep heat out to start the day.  By addressing the early day heat, a building owner

Reduced Glare and Heat

Reduced Glare and Heat

or tenant will see increased savings and reduced run cycles for the HVAC system.  This creates comfort and efficiency for the entire building.  In the evening hours when the day cools down, the lighter less performing window film applied to the North facing glass will allow some wanted warmth enter the building.