Safety / Security

Our ever changing volatile world is creating a strong demand for safety and security films.  Weather conditions, terrorism, and natural disasters are a few reasons why our safety and security films are becoming one of our most popular products.

Broken Glass

Smash and Grab Protection

Commercial buildings, retail stores, and military facilities all take advantage of the added strength and safety these thick mylar films provide.  Our films are designed to hold glass together during a disaster.  Flying shards of glass are one of the biggest causes of injury during a blast, or natural disaster. By shoring up the glass in a building with our films will save lives and injuries to the buildings occupants.

When will the next earthquake happen?

When is the next hurricane due to hit?

or worse…When is the next terror attack going to happen?

Where is it going to happen?

Theft Protection

Theft Protection

These are all questions that we all 310276_N9_4ponder on a daily basis.  Some things are just out of our control and we all have the potential to be exposed to some sort of natural disaster or terror threat.  We spend almost 100% of our lives within 10 feet of a piece of glass.  Every window pane untreated has the potential to cause more bodily harm than the earthquake it self. Why do we not protect ourselves?  This is why many military facilities and commercial building owners are stepping up and have some sort of security film installed on their facilities.

The DSG team is there to help when the time comes.  Our staff has installed films as thin as 1mil and as thick as 15mil.  We are also well versed in attachment systems that further assist in the retention of building glass making it all the more safer.